Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Pipistrel Sinus ZK-YPM delivered.

JA was working in the work shop at Drury on Monday 05-11-2012 and spotted the new Pipistrel Sinus ZK-YPM (c/n 466) being delivered by Alan Clarke, the Kerikeri agent, to Soichiro Fukutake the new owner . Image is poor because the plane was taxiing and I had to use the digital zoom on my compact camera.
Two earlier examples in country are also registered as Microlight Class 2's but are listed in the glider registration block as ZK-GIM2 and ZK-GPI whereas ZK-YPM is listed in the GA section of the register.
 All three operate at the current microlight class 2 MCTOW of 544kg.

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