Thursday, 29 November 2012

Question time # 157 resolved.

Sven has answered QT # 157 (to my satisfaction) and rightly deserves his chocky fish.
What we have is a Rotorway Exec 162FA Series Two.
The pic above shows it in its previous Australian identity of VH-YHC.
Due to a technical error it was transferred onto the NZ register as ZK-YHC on 10-10-2012 for its NZ owner Dave Deaker.
Originally built as VH-LUN2 it moved to Vanuatu and became YJ-CO7 in late 2007, returning to Australia in 2010 to become VH-YHC.
Another interesting technicality is that when it returned to Australia from Vanuatu it was listed with the c/n of 8669 - which is its true c/n of 6998 as read upside down.
It currently wears just the "YHC" marks plus additional graphics but was in fact officially re-registered as ZK-HSW5 on 14-11-2012.
This is not the first time a helicopter has been registered outside the approved ZK-HAA to ZK-IZZ range. A Robinson R22 Beta was listed as ZK-JQV in December of 1997. It went on to become ZK-HZT2, ZK-HCP2, and is currently ZK-IGP.

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