Sunday 31 July 2011

Pilatus Porter ZK-XIT

Pilatus PC-6 B2-H2 ZK-XIT2 was photographed at Helicare Maintenance hangar at Nelson airport as far back as 07-06-2011 by Peter Campbell.
It has yet to appear on the official aircraft register as such.
It is off course none other than ZK-JML2 (c/n 653) being prepared for its new owner Skydive Nelson Ltd.
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Addendum 02-08-2011:-
This airframe was re-designated from the PC-6 B1-H2 to the PC-6 B2-H2 model on 25-07-2011, and finally re-registered to ZK-XIT2 on 01-08-2011.

Addendum 02-08-2011 1345hrs:-
I note today that this is has been re-designated again - now as a model PC-6/B2-H4; but it still has the lower MCTOW of 2199 kg and not the B2-H4 MCTOW of 2600kg.


  1. All PC-6 B2H4 aircraft have a MCTOW of 2800kgs. The source of your information is incorrect. I would suspect the reason the operator chose the upgrade was to take advantage of this fact.

  2. Ah ha. Exactly.

    Now we are getting somewhere.
    The source of my info is the CAA website.

    The three Skiplanes are listed at 2600kg and I see that XIT has been re-designated today at 2800kg.