Sunday 17 July 2011

AS350B2 ZK-HOP/3 solved

The NZCAA register transactions earlier this month were to me at least a little confusing however seeing the latest version of ZK-HOP solved my problem!

On 07 July Bell 206B Jetranger ZK-HOP/2 underwent an identity change to ZK-IJS/2 and to facilitate this ZK-IJS/1 took up the markings ZK-HQF.  ZK-HQF was in turn cancelled once ZK-HOP/2 was re-registered and became ZK-HOP/3.  So I don't actually think the marks ZK-HQF were probably ever worn!

ZK-HOP/3 at Ardmore 17 July 2011, MRC photo

ZK-IJS at Ardmore 30 April 2010, MRC photo (to ZK-HQF then ZK-HOP/3)

ZK-HOP/2 at Ardmore 24 July 2008, MRC photo (to ZK-IJS/2)

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