Thursday 28 July 2011

More recent cancellations

Pacific Aerospace Cresco ZK-PDZ2 (c/n 003) i believe had initial aspirations of becoming ZK-FAH but instead was first registered as ZK-LTR on 25-01-2000 with Wanganui Aero Work Ltd. First flight was on 14-02-2000 and delivery occured on 17-02-2000.
On 20-11-2000 it was re-registered as ZK-PDZ to Parachute Adventures Queenstown Ltd. At this stage it was still powered with a Lycoming LTP101 engine. this was changed to a P&WC PT6-34AG in 2007.  Other changes at some point were the fuseleage windows. On 24-07-2008 it was relisted to Skydive Queenstown Ltd.
Top pic was taken at Jardines Strip (near Queenstown) on 26-09-2004.
Lower photo taken at Dunedin on 09-09-2005.
ZK-PDZ was flown from Hamilton to Norfolk Island and Lord Howe island on 14-07-2011 and then on to Coolangatta and Armidale on 15-07-2011. It was cancelled from the Kiwi register on 15-07-2011 and became VH-PUS on 21-07-2011 with Lonoaks Pty Ltd of Armidale.

Also trundling offshore was the Boeing 737-476 ZK-JTR (c/n 24439). This first flew back on 03-04-1992 as VH-TJN and served with Australian Airlines until switching to Qantas Airways Ltd on 31-10-1992. This in turn was cancelled om 31-05-2007 when it became ZK-JTR and flew from Melbourne to Auckland for Jetconnect Ltd (Qantas NZ). It flew its first dervice the following day running from Auckland to Wellington. It final revenue flight was on 24-03-2011 from Auckland to brisbane and return. It ferried out from Auckland to Brisbane and Cairns on 20-06-2011 and then on to Jakarta on the 21st. Above pic taken at Wellington on 17-08-2010.
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