Friday 8 July 2011

More spies in the sky

 A new tool for NIWA in Christchurch.
 It measures about 1m across.  Red light means - camera in action.
Here I am, taking a photo of myself being photographed.

More info at:-
Oh - and did I mention $60,000.
No wonder the boss won't let me get a rating on it.
It is not on the civil aircraft register - which reminds me

Did you see this accident brief from CAA :-

Accident Date  16-Jun-2011
Registration Unregistered

Manufacturer Model Owner  Skycam Kahu Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle

Place  Wairoa

Fatal P/C Serious P/C
0 0 / 0 0 / 0


After conducting some aerial surveys and the aircraft was returning to the launch and
recovery point, the parachute hatch failed to release when the parachute was
deployed. Attempt by the pilot to manually control the aircraft also failed. The
aircraft was found crashed in a farm paddock 200m from the intended recovery
TAIC Investigating  No

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