Friday 29 July 2011

Some helicopter departures.

Four recent helicopter cancellations.
Below is the Robinson R22 Beta ZK-HGV3 (c/n 3735) - first registered on 13-10-2005 and delivered to NZPP on the 22nd to Rick Lucas Helicopters Ltd (Helipro). It was destroyed in a mid air collision with the Cessna 152 ZK-ETY in the Paraparaumu circuit on 16-02-2008. Its registration has now been cancelled.
Exported is the Hughes 369HS ZK-HQE (c/n 114-0662S). A product of 1974 and listed in the US as N9225F before it came to NZ and registered on 20-02-1980 as ZK-HQE to Westland Frozen Products. Up until 1998 it worked for various operators in the south until it briefly joined Helicopters Hawkes Bay Ltd of Havelock North. It moved to Heli Sika on 09-03-1998 and then back to H/C Hawkes Bay on 27-03-2001 until flicked over to Central Helicopters of Opotiki on 23-04-2001. Photo above was shot at Taupo on 09-02-2007.
Above is a view of Kawasaki Hughes 369HS ZK-HQH(c/n 6645) at Kaikoura on 29-06-2004 with Tekapo Helicopter script (filling in for Kaikoura's JetRanger). A 1978 model built as JA9187 it was listed to Wing & Rotor Ltd as ZK-HQH on 11-06-1996. It worked at Mt Potts Station before joining James Scott  on The Coast in December of 1996. In mid December of 2008 it moved to Wai Helicopters.
It was registered to H.A.S. Pty Ltd in NSW on 20-07-2010 and has now finally been cancelled.
Kawasaki Hughes 369HS ZK-IUS (c/n 6631) was built in Japan as JA9131 in 1974. It was damaged on 23-08-2000 and imported into NZ for a remake and came out as ZK-HSE3 thanks to Wing & Rotor Aviation Ltd of South Auckland. In March of 2008 it was obtained by Kiwi Kopters Tauranga Ltd and was re-registered as ZK-IUS on 06-05-2008. As seen above in this photo from Keith Morris ; it was painted up to represent "Miss Clawd IV" (US military s/n 68-17340).
More details on this can be found on an earlier blog at:- 
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On 03-11-2010 ZK-IUS was listed to H.A.S. Pty Ltd in New South Wales and was cancelled from the NZ register on 01-07-11. (I wonder if both of these Kawasaki built H.A.S. machines have gone Tuna fishing ?)


  1. All 3 of them have gone to rust on Tuna boats!

  2. Unfortunatley we have lost 3 ships, never to be able to be used in any country leagally again as the boats dont record hrs flown. Such a waste.