Monday 18 July 2011

Stunning day at Ardmore

Another gem of a winter's day greeted aviators keen to blow out the cobwebs not blown away by the storm/s that have swept the country.
Yesterday I blogged about the contrast in traffic types at Ardmore with the circuit mixed from home builts to a bizjet. Today it was rattling to the sound of its resident Strikemaster while in the grass circuit was a Piper Cub, talk about one extreme to the other!

Cub BTU keep your speed up number one! 

One smart machine, Tecnam P2008 ZK-JAX

Alpi ZK-LPA departed for its Whangarei home.

ZK-MDO carries out circuits on the seal

North Shore resident Beech A36 ZK-NAZ arrives at Ardmore

ZK-STR spent 30 or so minutes out of the circuit to the south before returning for touch and goes

One of the Ardmore Flying School fleet Cessna 172's

Above and below, Seneca ZK-UPX departs runway 03.

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