Tuesday 26 July 2011

Cancelled but in good hands. ZK-CDU

 De Havilland DH82A Tiger Moth ZK-CDU (c/n 3581) was finally cancelled from the NZ Civil Aircraft Register on 25-07-2011. It was built for the Royal Air Force and issued the serial L6926. After a period on the UK civil register as G-ALAD it came to NZ and was registere as ZK-BAW on 18-11-1952. After some three years of Ag work it was withdrawn from use.  Its major components went to Charlie Liddell in 1956 and cancelled in July if 1960. It was rebuilt and re-registered as ZK-CDU on 26-11-1963. By September of 1998 it was with the Upton Family Trust who delivered it to the care of the Ashburton Aviation Museum Society Inc, with it arriving at Ashburton on 08-06-2002.
Top photo taken at Ashburton on 12-02-2005 and lower view was shot on 02-07-2011.
A close look at both photos shows the registration visible on the fuselage side.
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  1. I seem to recall that ZK-CDU was in an incident at Ardmore in about 1967 or 68, when being flown by Les Karl it crashed after the towline on the glider it was towing was attached to the belly hook, rather than the nose hook of the glider. The glider went almost vertical on take off, pulling the tail of the Tiger up and causing it to dive into the ground. Les walked away and the glider landed safely. Or am I thinking of another Tiger

  2. Spot on Anonymous.

    Date was 07-04-1968.
    Rebuilt by Ian Bennie in about 1974.