Thursday 5 May 2011

Robinson R22 Beta ZK-HMU

As most of you will already know : Robinson R22 Beta ZK-HMU2 , c/n 3614 , was the helicopter which crashed in the head of the Arawhata Valley on 27-04-2011 with the very sad loss of both persons aboard.

This Robinson was imported via Skysales Aviation (NZ) Ltd and registered to them on 24-06-2004 for delivery to Eddie Schenk down Temuka way from 26-07-2004. It was sold on to the S Spencer-Bower Family Trust on 10-06-2009 and transferred to Wanaka Helicpters Ltd on 01-03-2010.
The photo was taken as it cleared Wanaka on 20-11-2010.

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