Sunday 29 May 2011

Avspecs at Ardmore Today - Goodbye ZK-TWK

A quick trip to Ardmore this morning saw some interesting aircraft as the hangars opened up. I was delighted to find the Avspecs hangar open, and with permission I photo'd the following aircraft.

This isn't the best photo of Tomahawk ZK-TWK but it is probably the last photo of it taken in New Zealand. Tomorrow it will be in a container............

In the back corner was Jerry Yagen's Mosquito KA 117 coming together with engines in place. This will be amazing to see when it is finally completed. I was told "it will be finished when it is finished".

And a surprise in the other corner of the hangar was a second Mosquito! This one is TV 959 owned by The Flying Heritage Collection of Norfolk in England. Flyernzl has posted better photos and details of this aircraft on the Wings Over NZ blog.

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