Saturday 14 May 2011

Our first Robinson R66 Turbine

Wayne Grant has kindly provided these photographs of our first Robinson R66 ZK-HAG2, taken at Ardmore on 13-05-2011.
This is c/n 0015 and was registered to Heliflite Pacific Ltd of Papakura on 11-04-2011
The type was announced in March of 2007 as being based mostly around the Robinson R44 but with a more oval fuselage with three abreast seating across the back seats.

The turbine engine was developed by Rolls Royce especially for the R66 and is based on simplified version of the old familiar Allison 250 but utilising a reduced size centrifugal compressor from the model 250-C40/47. This produces 300 shaft horse power but is derated to 270 shp for five minutes. This engine incorporates an engine monitoring unit (EMU) which records continuous gas generator/ compressor rpm (N1), turbine rpm (N2), engine torque and measured gas temperature (MGT) and counts start cycles. Its transmission is direct drive (no belts). 
The main rotor is the same 33 feet span but has a 1 and a half inch chord increase. The redesigned and strengthened tail rotor is 2 inches longer and it has an overall height increase of 8 inches. 
Because of the reduced size of this turbine engine a separate cargo compartment is now provided. 
Because the R66s strongly resembles the R44 many people will not notice the difference. The most obvious will be the engine noise. The main external differences are the oval cabin, the two small air intakes at the forward base of the mast and larger side vents at the inner end of the tail boon.
Can anybody provide us with the first flight date of ZK-HAG please ?

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  1. ZK-HAG was in Taupo on the 12th for the afternoon to show it off to some local maintenance staff.