Saturday 28 May 2011

Hughes 369D ZK-HDZ

Seldom seen in the big cities is this Hughes 369D ZK-HDZ2  c/n 51-0959D. It was captured here at Paringa on 22-04-2011 by Chris Appleby.  Built in May of 1981 it reached NZ to become ZK-HDZ on 07-10-1985 with Helicopter Equipment at Taupo for delivery to Peter Bradley of Murupara on 22-11-1985. It did not stay long as it was cancelled on 26-05-19867 as exported to Rabaul to become P2-IHB with Island Helicopter Services Ltd. It returned to NZ through Wing & Rotor to join Waimana Helicopters on 31-07-1990. On 10-10-1994 it was listed to Amuri Helicopters Ltd of Waikari, North Canterbury. It had a bit of a technical problem during a spray run near Cheviot on 16-01-2004 and was damaged in the forced landing. It was duly cancelled and it went down to James Scott at Fox Glacier and following a reee-work it was returned to the register on 02-10-2007. It wears Alpine Adventures sign on the passengers door.

1 comment:

  1. "Technical Problem" eh like your choice of words there.
    This is a very nice Helicopter.