Friday 20 May 2011

I remember when - French Invasion.

A group of French and one single Swiss registered aircraft toured NZ in December of 1979
Here is a selection of pics of them at Oamaru on 04-12-1979.
Above is Piper PA24 Comanche F-BKBM c/n 1539.
Above is the Gardan GY-80-160 F-OCHO c/n 179.(We used to refer to these as the Sud soap machines - from Sud Aviation)
Piper PA32-260 Cherokee Six F-OCQS c/n 375
F-OCQY is an Avions Pierre Robin DR400-180. C/n was 902.
Above is the Piper PA28-236 Dakota F-OCXY c/n 7911125.
Below is the Piper PA32-300 Cherokee Six F-OCXZ c/n 7940087.
Also included in this collection of visitors was the Robin DR400-180 F-ODAN c/n 1043. This is more familiar to us as ZK-TZB2 which arrived back in NZ on 18-11-2003 and  is currently listed with D & C Fletcher of Wellsford.

Also; do not overlook the Swiss registered Jodel DR1051 Sicile HB-EBX c/n 350 that toured with this group. It had flown into Auckland on 29-01-1979 and remained to became ZK-JOD. It is currently with John Byers of Christchurch.

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