Sunday 2 August 2020

ZK-HGG back in 1974

Cast your mind back to 4th October 1973 when Dalhoff and King (NZ) Ltd of Wellington registered the Hughes 369HS ZK-HGG c/n 530480S.
This was the third 369 listed in NZ.
It was registered to Southwest Helicopters Ltd of Taupo on 26 March 1974.
Southwest also operated from bases in the South Island, and here we see ZK-HGG outside its hangar at Manakaiaua - due west from Mount Cook in the Bruce Bay region. 
Pilot at the time was  Graham Fox.

It was damaged near Karamea on 23 September 1975, landed in a river bed  - only to be washed away during the night when the river rose.

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