Friday 7 August 2020

CMM still wandering down South

 CMM is still wandering around in the deep South.

Here are four pics from his recent Gore visit.

Above is the Phoenix Aviation Ltd's Pacific Aerospace 750XL ZK-PNX3 (c/n 131).
If you cast your mind back you will recall that this was originally listed as ZK-JNH2 before becoming ZS-AIL and A2-POM and returning to NZ as ZK-ASA2 with Kiwi Air Ltd at Gisborne in August of 2017.
It joined Phoenix in June of 2018 and was re-registered to ZK-PNX3 on 24-08-2018.
ZK-EMG (c/n 258) was the first New Zealand Aerospace Industries Ltd's Fletcher FU24-954 and was listed to NZAI Ltd at Hamilton on 21-11-1978 - first flying there on 15-12-1978.
It was converted to a Walter M601D turbine and flew as such on 08-03-2000.
Note the dual wheel main undercarriage.

Now something different !
The rebuild of the Yeoman YA-1 Cropmaster 260CR Series II ZK-CTX (c/n 120) is making slow progress at Gore by Craig Dowden.

 Special thanks to Craig for access to his fascinating project.

For further information onthid project have a look at these three links.

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