Saturday 15 August 2020

Back in the late 70's

Skyjeep has sent in some more of his pics from the late 1970's.
At Christchurch International Airport during November of 1978 was a Lockheed C141 Starlifter.
I don't have a serial number but I do know that there were at least sixty C141's involved in the 1978 'Deepfreeze' season - of which I believe only six did 'the ice' runs.
At a Wanganui air show in 1979 we have what looks like the Cessna 207 ZK-NPA on the left with an unknown Cessna on the right.
Helicopters (NZ) Ltd operated flights out to the Maui A platform and the Blue Whale crane ship tied up alongside.
These three shots were taken in 1977 - which to me narrows the Alouette down to being ZK-HNY.
Landing back at New Plymouth.
Thank you Skyjeep.

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  1. I'm probably pushing my luck, but what was the date of the 1979 Wanganui show? I'm struggling to find anything online and incredibly the 48pg bookazine printed for the Wanganui Aero Club's 50th jubilee that year has no mention of a pageant being scheduled!