Wednesday 12 August 2020

A Very Quiet Ardmore Today 12-8-2020

Just in the nick of time I travelled to Papakura this morning in light motorway traffic to pick up the moulded perspex top for my D 9 canopy - I got great service from Bruce Stratton of Composites International to trim it and tap the fixing holes so it is nearly ready to go.

Then, as I was all the way down there, I looked in on a very quiet Ardmore and managed to photo a couple of aircraft that were outside:

I just caught Cessna 551 Citataion SP N551NZ (c/n 0574) being pushed back into its hangar.  It is registered to the Bank of Utah Trustee in Salt Lake City but it obviously has New Zealand connections.

And another overseas registered aircraft was the Coral Sun Airways Beech King Air 200 P2-ALC, a long way from its home in Tarawa in Kiribati.


  1. Any clue why ALC's at Ardmore? I might guess she's getting something done at South Pacific Avionics.

  2. Correct - still present as at 19 September 2020

  3. Does anyone know if P2-ALC is still at Ardmore today 29th Oct 2020?