Monday 24 August 2020

Air New Zealand's Boeing 777-200ER Fleet

After Covid 19 wreaked havoc with international air travel, back in May 2020 Air New Zealand announced that it had grounded its Boeing 777-200ER (and 777-300ER) fleets and that they would be grounded until at least the end of 2020.  However as the pandemic has ground on it is looking more likely that we will never see the 777-200 fleet flying commercially with Air New Zealand again.  The fleet has been parked up in various locations but recently several of the 777-300 fleet have been flown to Southern California Logistics Airport in the desert at Victorville, CA for deep storage. 

So as we  haven't had some of the 777-200 fleet posted on the blog (and/or in their new colours), here is a wrap up post on them:  

ZK-OKA (c/n 29404)

ZK-OKB (c/n 34376)

ZK-OKC (c/n 34377)

ZK-OKD (c/n 29401)

ZK-OKE (c/n 32712)

ZK-OKF (c/n 34378)

ZK-OKG (c/n 29403)

and ZK-OKH (c/n 34379)

You can click on the photos to enlarge them to see the registrations.  Thanks to Westland 831 and MRC for the photos.

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