Wednesday 31 July 2013

Wellington stopover # 2

More from the Wellington Aero Club visitation.
Three Piper PA-38-112 Hatchets were in a photographical position.
Above is ZK-JFE (c/n 38-78A0568) joined the Wellington Club on 13-03-2006.
ZK-TAW is c/n 38-78A0716 and arrived in NZ to become ZK-JFD on 28-04-1995 but became ZK-TAW on 08-07-1995 and first joined the Wellington Aero Club in September of 95. It is now on its 4th stint with the Club.
ZK-WAC2 is c/n 38-82A0086. This originally entered our civil register as ZK-WAH on 13-12-1990 being re-registered as WAC on 26-02-2002 and entering Wellington Club service on 01-03-2002.
The Nanchang CJ-6 ZK-MAO (c/n 4432002) joined the NZ register on 21-10-2008 as ZK-JNA4 and was listed to the Wellington Aero Club on 01-08-2009. Its registration was changed to ZK-MAO on 13-10-2009;  and this can be seen in small letters just below the forward canopy.

Below is the seemingly inactive Beech C23 SunDowner 180 ZK-DVB (c/n M-1565). This was a James Aviation import in November of 1974. It has been listed with Wellington Aviation Ltd since 02-11-1994.
Below is a plug for Life Flight. This gets a lot of attention from the kids. It is located on the finger leading down towards the boarding gates.

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