Sunday 28 July 2013

Three of a Kind

Production of the venerable Cessna 206 recommenced in 1998 with the 'H' model, in both the normally-aspirated and turbocharged versions (T206H). The number of aircraft produced since has been relatively modest (compared to last century!), with numbers of the T206H running at around 40-50 per year. Three machines have made it here, the first being Nokomai Station's ZK-NOK, registered on 13 June 2005. It was at Fielding in February 2010.

After a significant gap, the next T206H to arrive was BLM Holdings ZK-TDO, first registered on 24 September 2012, and seen here at Masterton on 19 January this year.

And the most recent addition is Opiki Croppings ZK-JWH, which was registered on 21 February this year, and was conveniently parked on the Wellington Aero Club's ramp this afternoon.

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  1. ZK-NOK has just crossed the Tasman for a short while. It was spotted at Maroochydore on 28th July.