Thursday 4 July 2013

Spitfire early morning move

 The Drury Spitfire.

Immediately below is the posting we did on the Spitfire after its arrival at Drury.
Supermarine Spitfire MkIX ZK-WDQ (c/n CBAF 5487) carried out a precautionary landing at Drury on 01-04-2013 whilst on its return flight from Omaka to Ardmore.
 During the landing it had a prop strike and now awaits new blades. (zoom in on prop tips in photo).
It is camped at Drury between the gliders until a new prop blade  arrives. It has had an engine check in the mean time.

Above photograph dated 02-04-2013.

 The Spitfire still camps at Drury. They fitted a new prop on 31st of May. The aircraft then sat outside for week and half (because the new prop was to high for the aircraft to fit inside the hangar). It then went back inside without prop because the field turned out too wet to take off.

Yesterday (Wednesday 03-07-2013) they loaded the Spitfire on a house removal truck and it will be trucked out at 1am this morning (04-07-2013) to Ardmore.
 All photographs from Joachim Aerts

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