Thursday 25 July 2013

Robinson R66 Turbines c/n 0330 and 0331.

Two Robinson R66 Turbine helicopters have been sitting on their packing crate bases with Flightline at Christchurch. Each base has the helicopters construction number stencilled on it.
Pic above was taken on 27-05-2013.
This week they have been assembled and their respective pending registrations were added today 25-07-2013.
  Above - c/n 0330 becomes ZK-IXS thanks to Neville Williamson, up from Flightline at Dunedin, and Bob Jelley.
The white one is c/n 0331 and is ZK-IXT.
Thanks to Flighline for permission to take photographs in their hangar at Christchurch.

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