Sunday 21 July 2013

Spitfire Re-Engine at Ardmore 20/7/2013

Warbird Adventure Rides Ltd's Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX ZK-WDQ was in the Avspecs hangar yesterday in the process of having its engine changed, probably as a result of its recent propellor strike while making a precautionary landing at Drury.  Ouch!

That is some serious horsepower in 2 Merlin engines lined up in front of the nose!  The last time there were 2 Merlins at Avspecs they were attached to a Mosquito.

The engine plate of the new engine being installed shows it to be a Packard Built Rolls Royce, model V 1650-266.


  1. The letters and numbers stamped in the block to the right of the engine plate tell when it was overhauled from new. Have you got a photo of these?

  2. Apprently the engine was due for a top overhaul so descsion was made to swap engines now with the current work.