Tuesday 9 July 2013

Different - but the same.

Cessna 208 Caravan c/n 20800360 first appeared as N800RA listed to Cessna Aircraft Co at Wichita, Kansas on 20-02-2002. It was delivered and listed to Ed Austin of San Antonio, Texas from 17-09-2002. It was sold via Bob White Oklahoma LLC to Dairy Air LLC of Santa Monica, California on 16-12-2004. On 14-06-2006 it was certified to Flight Contract Services Inc of Las Vegas and was ferried out to NZ by Rob Leach reaching Auckland on 26-06-2006.
The above photo was taken by Mike Condon at Auckland on 27-06-2006
After reaching NZ it was registered as ZK-TZR to Izard Pacific Aviation of Springhill on 31-08-2006, with details transferred to Sounds Air Travel and Tourism Ltd of Picton on 02-10-2008.
Photo below taken at Wellington by Marty on 09-01-2009.

                               On 28-06-2013 it was re-registered as ZK-SAN2.
To achieve this change the Cessna 172S that was already wearing the ZK-SAN marks was temporarily registered  as ZK-VBF. Then the SAN marks were transferred to the Caravan and then the 172 took up the ZK-TZR marks - and by the time you read this the 172 will have been transferred to Izard Pacific Aviation at Taupo.
Above is a view of ZK-SAN2 as seen today at Christchurch.

Another of Sounds Air Cessna Caravans - ZK-MJL is about to become ZK-SAY.
I wonder if ZK-PDM will be changed ?

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  1. Thanks for this update and clarification. I saw SAN and SAY at Wellington yesterday along with PDM and thought my eyes were failing me when initial research said SAN was a 172.