Saturday, 13 July 2013

A Blast from the Past! - Midget Mustang ZK-CWO

For the history of ZK-CWO, have a look at 

In a post on this blog on 6 April 2009 about Midget Mustang ZK-CWO, I asked "Does anyone out there have a better photo of ZK-CWO? If so I would love a copy".

Well today, more than 4 years later, my question was answered with a visit to Don Noble and a look through his amazing photo and slide collection, here are the better photos that I was looking for.  Above, ZK-CWO in a hangar at Paraparaumu.

And here on that fateful day, 9 December 1972, Harold Blair taxies out to demonstrate ZK-CWO to assembled friends...

He takes off...

And flies towards a crash landing in the sand dunes.  Harold Blair was not hurt...

But ZK-CWO was fatally damaged, as in this photo in the CAA hangar several days later.

It was a sad end to a ground breaking homebuilt aircraft.  It was our first all metal homebuilt aircraft and should have had a long and successful history.  Alas, it was not to be.


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