Saturday, 12 January 2013


Above we have a photograph from Bill Day of his MBB Bo 105S ZK-HBD5 (c/n S-851) as seen at Wanaka on December 19th.
This has an extensive history - Briefly - Starting with MBB in Germany as D-HFHI. Then to the States as N4193R and N137AE. A stint in Brazil as PP-MMD, then back to the US to become N137AE again, then to N851PH with Petroleum Helicopters of Lafayette, Louisiana from May of 2003.
It came to NZ via Bryan Comerford and became ZK-IAJ on 18-09-2012. Ownership passed to Rick Lucas Helicopters on 01-10-2012 with its registration being changed to ZK-HGV4 on 09-10-2012.
It was then moved to Bill Day, well known for his Seawind 3000 amphibian ZK-SWK.
It was then re-registered yet again (courtesy of Rick Lucas) to ZK-HBD5 to make use of Bill's initials. To do this required that Rick's Aerospatiale AS350 BA ZK-HBD4 be re-registered (as ZK-IAP2) to release these letters for Bill's Bo105.
It is now based at Wanaka.

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