Saturday, 26 January 2013

Kerosene converters at NZMS #2

Above :- The BAC 167 Strikemaster Mk88 ZK-STR (c/n 310) first flew at Preston using the manufacturers test registration of G27-206 on 17-10-1972. It arrived in NZ on 03-01-1973 aboard the MV Somerset and first flew from Ohakea in its RNZAF markings of NZ6370 on 30-03-1973. It took part in the final Strikemaster formation flypast on 17-12-1992 and eventually sold off by tender. It became VH-RBA2 on 22-12-1995 and had at least five civilian operators in Australia before it was crated in December of 2010 for its return to NZ. It became ZK-STR on 11-04-2011 to Strikemaster Ltd (which is another way of saying Brent Nicholls) and first flew as STR on 20-04-2011.
Aero L-39 Albatros ZK-TCS2 (c/n 131848) was unloaded from its container at Nelson on 26-02-2007 and first flew from there on 27-10-2009 for The Copter Shop Ltd. It was previously "137" with the Ukranian Air Force. It was repainted during its NZ certification.
Below is ZK-VLK is c/n 332630 was  built in1983 and served as "80" before entering the US civil register as N139PV for Peter Vause of Chicago. It came to NZ and became VLK on 17-12-2004 to Oilfield Equipment Rental Ltd of New Plymouth and on 20-08-2006 was listed to Vause Trust Partnership.

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