Sunday, 13 January 2013

NZRT 13-01-2013

Above is the Zenith Zodiac CH601-XLB ZK-CMI2 (c/n 6309) as listed to Ian McClelleand of Blenheim from 24-11-2010. It suffered some wind damage yesterday.
PAC Cessco 08-750 ZK-LTB (c/n 022) really does exist. It was previously ZK-PKB. (shame about the canopy cover.
One of the Canterbury Aero Club day visitors, up from Christchurch, was the Alpha R2160 ZK-VCA (c/n 160A-07014).
The Murphy Rebels beefed up brother is the Murphy Elite. This is the first to hit our register.
ZK-WRM is c/n 578E and was started in Tulsa, Oklahoma about fifteen years ago. It is currently in its test flying stage and has the cowls off today being modified to improve engine cooling. Graphics are yet to be applied.

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