Monday 28 January 2013

Three from Masterton yesterday 27-01-2013

Roving reporter Geoff Lloyd kindly sent in these three pics taken at Masterton on Sunday 27th January 2013.
 Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee ZK-EFP2 looked familiar, but the registration did not. It in fact was first registered in NZ as ZK-DUZ (c/n 28-7525275) on 09-10-1975 and went to the Otago Aero Club. In August of 83 it went to M Gebbie of the Buttercup Alpine Resort at National Park and then to D McLeod at Te Anau in April of 1985. It then transferred to James McBride in April 1988 before heading up to Tauranga for Euroflight International from 24-10-2005. They re-registered it a ZK-EFP2 on 13-02-2006 and sold it to Allan Higgie of Wanganui that November. It was listed to Middle Earth Flying Svchool (its current owner) of Otorohanga on 28-01-2009.

 Vans RV7A ZK-MIS (c/n 72461) was one of the RV's built by Rex Newman at Omaka. It was first registered to Rex on 19-10-2007 before being listed to The COD Impact Trust of Auckland on 09-01-2008.

ZK-VRV is a Vans RV-6 with the c/n of 24692 was first registered to Leonard Smith of Waikanae on 30-03-2006. Ownership changed tro Peter Merwood of Porirua on 05-10-2012.

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