Monday, 21 January 2013

Slingsby T67B Firefly ZK-WAE

Leo asked if I had a pic of the Firefly ZK-WAE. Yep I do. 
Slingsby T67B Firefly ZK-WAE (c/n 2028) was one of two ordered for the Waitemata Aero Club.
Both were built at the Slingsby Aviation PLC Kirbymoorside UK factory.
ZK-WAE initially being listed to the manufacturer on 01-04-1985 as G-BLXD.
 [ZK-WAF (c/n 2029) was ex G-BLXE but was written off on 29-01-1990 at Mangatangi].
ZK-WAE was registered to the "Club" on 27-05-1986.
Photo above shows it at Omaka on 15-02-1990.
Below we see her at Ardmore on 02-12-1993.
It was transferred to the Auckland Aero Club on 15-11-1999.
Above as seen at Ardmore on 18-03-2000. Still with small "Waitemata Aero Club" script on side.
Some nine years later - At Ardmore on 15-03-2009
Above - as it was at Masterton on 19-01-2013.


  1. Great to see it featured here - if you see it flying these days, there's a good chance it's me, I love it!

  2. Hi Leo.
    It's a nice looking machine; especially in that latest scheme. You will have to come down to Quake City for me to see it again.