Monday, 28 January 2013

A busy Sunday at NZRT

 The Pipistrel Alpha Trainer ZK-JAT2 (c/n 448) awaits its owner (Seaside Flying Ltd) to complete his type rating before flying to its home at Greymouth.

 A stranger among the trikes was the Airborne XT-912-B with its Airborne Arrow wing. It has a c/n of XT-912-0140 which means it is ZK-DGR of Blue Skies Microlight 2006 Ltd of Motueka. It previously had a Streak 111 wing.

 One that has not seen a lot of air under its wings lately is this DenneyKitfox 111 ZK-JWN (c/n AACA/2087/1076). That is about to change as owner Steve Noad is about to trundle off with instructor Mike Small to regain currency.

 A reasonably recent arrival in the area is this Maule M-5-235C Lunar Rocket ZK-LJA (c/n 7258C) of Mike Earl Earthmoving Ltd. Check out previous blog at :-

 A more recent arrival at Rangiora is the Jabiru UL ZK-LEI (c/n 574). It was ferried south by Brent Thompson the previous weekend. See previous post at :-

 Carrying out more of its test flight program was the Murphy Elite ZK-WRM (c/n 578E).

A real out of towner was the Tecnam P92 Echo Super ZK-TES (c/n 720) of Neville Dunton of Health Solutions Consultancy Ltd from Tauranga. It has a factory fitted tow hook.

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