Monday, 7 January 2013

A few from NZRT.

ZK-AJB2 (c/n 08081901) is the Allan Bowman Rans S6-ES Coyote 11. It has the new wings with pressed aluminium ribs and metal wing leading edge.
It is seen here parked outside the CRAC hangar at Rangiora on Friday 04-01-2013 and is currently being used by a French couple. 
The grass is reminiscent of the old PSP or Marsden mating surface.
Two of a kind.
 Above is the Dave McPherson Australian Aviation Works Karatoo J6C ZK-KTP (c/n J6 675P) out to play.
Below is Mike Small's ZK-KTO (c/n J6 673P).
Both have been re-engined with the Rotax 912.
About to go to full noise is the Michael Glen ICP Savannah XL ZK-MHG (c/n 09-02-51-809).
Note the wing leading edge slot.
Thanks to Colin Marshall I managed a ride in this Evektor Harmony ZK-CGM2 (c/n 20111415) on Pie day the 4th. We are just hooking round onto final for 07. It was certainly much nicer to fly than the original Victa Airtourer ZK-CGM out of Invercargill way back when Men where Men.

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