Saturday 26 February 2011

Two more at Nelson

 Two  unexpected aircraft noted at Nelson on 18-02-2011 were (above) the engineless Mitsubishi MU-2B-30 ZK-KOH , c/n 521 , of Search and Rescue Services Ltd of Taupo.
The latest Pitts Special to come onto the register is this S-2A ZK-UFX , c/n 2140. An Aerotek built 1977 example which has been flying with Jonny White of Old South Way Inc out of Abingdon, Virginia as N80P before sale to Tasman Bay Aviation of Motueka, with whom it was registered on 23-11-2010. It is to replace the Pitts S2E Special ZK-ELI.


  1. KOH Suffered an engine failure in flight to Nelson a while ago now. With most of the engine ending up somewhere in Tasman bay.

  2. That's different - aren't these Mitsi's the things that have a habit of falling from the sky?