Thursday 24 February 2011

Aviation aritfact

Found in the Murchison Museum was this seat from the wreckage of the DH84 Dragon ZK-AHT which crashed on Mount Hope on 30-06-1944 with the loss of two passengers and injuries to three others.

The placard reads:-

"Seat cut out of the
Air Travel (NZ) Ltd's
Dragon aircraft ZK-AHT
which crashed on the
slopes of Mount Hope
on June 30th, 1944.
Cpt Bert Mercer and
Mr Maurice Dawe died
in the crash.
On December 16th 1994
a plaque and cairn were
unveiled at Kawatiri,
which remembered those
who lost their lives,
& also marked the
60th anniversary of the
first scheduled air
service in the country."

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