Wednesday 2 February 2011

Bell 429 ZK-IXW (first of type)

A surprise arrival at Ardmore early this afternoon was recently registered and first of type to NZ Bell 429 ZK-IXW. It was registered to Advanced Flight at Pikes Point on 20 January 2011 and arrived at Ardmore for what appeared to be a compass swing exercise.

Does the fact the registration includes the letter XW allude to it being operated on behalf of Fay/Richwhite?
All the heliocopters this partnership have had over the years have had XW marks.

All photos Mike Condon


  1. correct assumption..

  2. Yes, seen flying from Great Mercury Island over Summer 2013/2014, likely Michael Fay as David Richwhite is in London.

  3. Seem PMR 1545 16 June 2019