Wednesday 2 February 2011

MD500N Notar ZK-IPR

Placed on the register today, 2Feb11, is MD500N ZK-IPR (LN-109).  Ex N4290K, the Notar arrived at Ardmore by container last week and is destined for a South Island owner.  It features small Skysales Aviation decals on the front of the cockpit section and on the vertical stabilisers.

Above and below, ZK-IPR at Ardmore 02 February 2011, Mike Condon photos


  1. I think you'll find this machine is new and is actually going to Tauranga.......

  2. Thanks anon, I was told South Island but happy to hear it is staying closer.

  3. Clearly A Few Months Late, But Yes, This Helicopter Is Owned By Phil Rudd (AKA The Drummer Of ACDC) And Is At Tauranga Airport.