Saturday 26 February 2011

Hughes 269B ZK-ING.

 First noted on 04-02-2011 in the Heli Maintenance hangar at Christchurch was this early production model Hughes 269B N9309F. It is a rather tired looking helicopter with I believe about 5000 airframe hours and a high time engine.
 Above is the manufacturers plate with tells us that it is a 269B model and has a build date of 123 which translates to  December (12) 1963 (3) and that it is the eleventh (0011) 269B production model.
Now despite the moves of certain people : there is still some humour, mirth and merriment among the aviation fraternity. Above is a pic of the battery box and below is one of a couple of bullet hole transfers on the tail boon.
This helicopter has aspirations of becoming ZK-ING for Neil Gray of Hokitika.


  1. Surely 123 would be Dec 63?

  2. Spot on there Anonymous.
    1963 it should be, and amended as such.

    I think I had better give up while I am ahead.
    Maybe I'm Quake Shocked !

  3. The helicopter is being dropped back to Heli Maintenance this week looking a lot better than when it arrived in the country

  4. Roger that.
    ai will keep my optics peeled for it.
    Tks for the heads up.