Saturday 26 February 2011

Motueka during the week.

 I popped into Motueka on 20-02-2011 and found these three interesting aircraft.
The Champion 7GCBC Citabria ZK-CRH , c/n 7GCBC-32 , was registered with the Middle Districts Aero Club on 05-12-1966 and has been raced, rolled and rallied by numerous operators ever since. In 1992 it joined a Queenstown Syndicate which included the Wakatipu Aero Club, to whom it was ultimately registered on 17-09-1995. It then spent a short period with Jagair from October 2008 until being listed with the CRH Syndicate on 30-12-2009. Here it is on line with the Nelson Aviation College at Motueka.
Tucked in the back corner of a hangar was this TEAM Hi-Max ZK-JBM , c/n 245. This was the Alistair McKenzie machine which was first registered on 23-10-1992. It was withdrawn and cancelled on 16-09-2008. Malcolm Belcher returned it to the register on 27-04-2009, selling it to the Kudrass Family Trust at Motueka on 14-04-2010.
In the other rear corner of the hangar was this Zenair CH701 STOL ZK-JLN2 , c/n 7-2026. This was the John Lowther built STOL which appeared on our listings on 29-03-2006. It was transferred to Shafid Khan of Motueka on 07-08-2010.

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