Tuesday 13 July 2010

Two seldom seens - SEEN

Noticed today out getting a breath of winter air was the seldom seen Sequoia Falco F.8L ZK-FWA2 , c/n 651 . This was built by Bruce Fraser and Russel Woods in their hangar at Christchurch International and registered on 28-08-2008. Both shots were taken through the boundary fence wire. This is the first time I have managed to get anywhere near it with a camera.

Noted yesterday returning to its hangar at Rangiora was the Tri-R Kis-TR4 ZK-TUF , c/n 44 . Built by Laurie Tuff and first flying on 20-04-2000. It is Lycoming IO-360 powered
These three gentlemen have been dabbling with aircraft for some years.
Bruce built the Pazmany PL-1 ZK-PAZ and the Aero Gare Sea Hawk ZK-SEA and has operated the Piper PA-28-160 ZK-CNV and the PA-30 ZK-DOK.
Russell built the Jodel D.11 ZK-EDR and the Isaac Fury ZK-RFC and also had a leg in the Piper PA-30 ZK-DOK. I believe there is a Jodel D.18 now under way.
Laurie built the GY20 Minicab ZK-EEO and had a seat in the Schempp-Hirth Nimbus 111ZK-GZZ. There is a Boredom Fighter somewhere out there under construction as well. E&OE.

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