Sunday 11 July 2010


Brett asked a while back if I had any Ag Dak photos.
Yes I do.
ZK-AWO , c/n 33480/16732 , was built for the USAAF as a Douglas C-47B-35-DK and allocated the serial of 44-77148 (on 15-06-1945 I think) before being delivered to the RNZAF on 07-07-1945. It served with the RNZAF as NZ3548 until moving over to NZNAC from 11-07-1952. (There is a separate story in here). It was withdrawn from NZNAC freight service on 05-09-66.
It then Joined Airland (NZ) Ltd in 1967 and carried out its first Ag job on 15-10 1968.
The first photo shows her in its Airland scheme at Napier in September of 1969.
It was transferred over to Fieldair Ltd on 20-07-1978 and remained with them until being withdrawn on 01-03-1984 and cancellation from our register on 29-05-1985.

The second view shows it in its Fieldair scheme and was taken at Blenheim (Woodbourne) on 27-12-1979.

The nose section of this aircraft is currently with Chris Rudge who has it trailer mounted and painted up advertising his Biplane Flights and the Ashburton Aviation Museum - His AgCat is currently operated out of Ashburton and the trailer is parked alongside SH1 just north of town on flying days - It will be based back at Omarama during the Summer months. (check out the July 2010 edition of Pacific Wings Magazine).

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  1. Now based in Pukaki still with Chris and still operating the AgCat. Chris now also operates a C172 for an enclosed scenic option