Friday 16 July 2010

A good haul at NZCH

The Schweizer 300CBi N20699 , c/n 0151 , came out of its container on the old Skysales (NZ) Ltd pad on 07-07-10 (pic above). [This was the airframe use in Question Time #105]. It was then moved over to the Heli Maintenance hangar for its NZ certification to become ZK-HYC3. This is not yet complete but I spied it today in the Heli Maintenance hangar marked up as HYC. (pic below)It was manufactured in 02-03 and shows 2250 hours on the hobbs meter.

Parked outside their hangar was the Robinson R22 Beta ZK-HZY2 , c/n 2645 , of JDC Helicopters Ltd of Timaru. This was initially registered in NZ as ZK-HKL3 back on 25-11-1996 but exported to Australia in April of 1998 to become VH-RTS. It returned here as ZK-HZY for Karl Burtscher in August of 1999.

Another surprise sighting for the day was the new Tecnam P2006T twin engine demonstrator ZK-TTW , c/n 020.

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