Tuesday 20 July 2010


Mentioned twice before on this blog is Airwork/Helilink's BK117 ZK-HKZ which has been fitted with Honeywell engines (http://www.shephard.co.uk/news/1798/heli-expo-2009-honeywell-announces-lts101-850b-2-engine-upgrade-for-eurocopter-bk117/) was outside Airwork's Ardmore facility 20Jul in the colours of Westpac Rescue minus any titles and just a temporary "KZ" on the tail. No photos unfortunately due to its proximity to the fence.

Outside the Oceania hanger at Ardmore was the Mechanics Bay based Westpac Rescue BK117 ZK-HLN.

So, is ZK-HKZ a replacement for either ZK-HLN or Wellington's ZK-HLF, or is this an additional airframe to the fleet?

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  1. Its my understanding that it is an addition to the Auckland fleet.