Thursday 8 July 2010

Question time # 105

With Question time # 104 nicely put to bed by Sir Minty I offer you this view as QT # 105.

All I need to know from you is :-

What make and model of flying machine is this object likely to be found on, in, or attached to.

And to help clinch the chocolate fish deal- how about offering a likely registration.

And I guess you had better tell me purpose of this item.


  1. I reckon it is an exhaust pipe, secured to the primary structure by the coiled wires to allow to dampen vibration and also so as not to pass heat.

  2. Its a Hughes 300 with an upstack exhaust system..


  3. AH !
    Sir Minty and Anonymous Dave.

    You are both correct as far as you go.

    Hows about a specific H300 model and a then a registration (there are several to pick from) ?

  4. And the upstack exhaust is normally fitted to the CB or CBi model 300s. HJU is a CB that has had a fuel injected engine fitted, making it a CBi.