Tuesday 16 February 2010

Is it a 'AWK?

The Cessna 560 Citation N596VP c/n 560-0396 arrived in NZ from Australia and was registered ZK-AWK/2 on 20Nov2009. This did not last long, as the aircraft was cancelled on the 8th January as being sold abroad. It became N3937E while avionics work was carried out. The aircraft is seen here at Auckland International today, clearly marked as ZK-AWK, but this registration is not current on the CAA website.
No doubt all will become clear with time.
Presumably the ZK-AWK allocation has some significance. I cannot visualize any connection with the Tiger Moth topdresser ZK-AWK operated by Airspread Ltd., Mt Maunganui back in the 1950s!

(Acknowledgments to the MRC Aviation website for some of the details)


  1. Hi Peter

    AWK is the three letter designator for Airwork.

    Cheers Mike (MRC Aviation)

  2. i throught the letter a reg was for vintage aircraft only good one caa not!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hmmm, I though that ZK-A* and ZK-B* regos were reserved for historic aircraft? I could be wrong...

  4. Looks like Anon beat me to it! :-)

  5. The NZCAA website states:
    ZK-A**, ZK-B**, ZK-GA*, and ZK-HA* are historical marks. Since 1987 these marks have been reserved for historical aircraft including helicopters and gliders. This is to enable the original aircraft to regain its original mark upon restoration.

    However, I suspect on application, an owner/operator could seek dispensation to use such a registration!

  6. Possibly some double standards afoot here...
    I wanted a B - series registration but I was told they were not available to aircraft post 1960 under any circumstances - not even previously unallocated ones. I guess that must be a vintage jet??? or does CAA bend the rules for some larger industry players?

  7. Bending the Rules . . . or offering a flutter of notes to get what you want??

    whatever happens now, there used to be the rule that ZK-A and ZK-B were to be kept for the historic types only (hence why Dragonfly ZK-AYR was allowed into the fray).



  8. ZK-AWK DH82 topdresser early 1950s with Airspread Ltd. when I joined them in 1954 and still registered there in 1961 when I had left.