Sunday 19 November 2023

Diamond DA 62 ZK-DIA/2

Sneaking "under the radar" back in March 2023 was a new first of type aircraft for New Zealand - the Diamond DA 62.

The DA 62 is a five seater (in New Zealand) diesel powered twin that was introduced in Europe in 2012.  It is quite a big aircraft with a length of 9.19 metres (30 feet 2 inches) and a wingspan of 14.55 metres (47 feet 9 inches).  It is powered by two Austro AE 330 turbocharged 2 litre diesel engines that produce 180 HP each and which give a cruise speed of around 200 mph at 75% power.

ZK-DIA2 (c/n 62.226) was registered to a Queenstown owner on 21/3/23, and was photod at Cromwell on 4/11/23 by Steve Lowe.  (The first ZK-DIA was a Grumman American AA-5 Traveler that was registered back in 1972 and cancelled in 2007). 

Thanks for the photos Steve.

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  1. Hope he's not going flying. That looks like a pitot cover flapping in the breeze.