Wednesday 29 November 2023

Avid Flyer ZK-JDF

ZK-JDF (c/n 1459D) is an Avid Mark IV Flyer that was built by John Sinclair of Tahakopa, and was first registered on 19-12-1994 making it the eleventh Avid on the register.  
It had a Rotax 912 engine and an Ivoprop propellor.  It first flew on 19-09-2005 and was later based at Balclutha. 
Photo below from Peter Lewis shows ZK-JDF in its original form at Balclutha on 24-12-2007.
On 11-06-2010 it was re-designated as a Microlight Class 2.
It was sold to Hamish Hamilton of Hokitika on 17-01-2011 but was damaged in an accident on a West Coast riverbed in 17-08-2013.
It was noted , below, in Grant Porters "Landing Spot' hangar at Rangiora on 13-09-2013,

and was then moved to Stu Bufton's hangar, below, where some work was done on the fuselage in early 2014.Some initial work being done by Stu Bufton and is seen above on 01-02-2014.

                                 And above on 27-09-2015 there was little obvious change.

A plan was formulated to modify the aircraft.And by 07-02-2017, with the fuselage frame sorted it underwent the unkindest cut of all.

This was to insert a fuselage extension. As seen below on 02-11-2019.

By 05-03-2021 the fuselage was bagged and painted.

    By 01-04-2023 engine runs were being carried out with a temporary nose wheel fitted to prevent an                                                                     accidental prop strike.

             By 07-07-2023, Above, a new cowling was fitted with the larger rudder more obvious, 
                 and below another view of the fuselage extension, the fin fillet and larger rudder.

   Above by 08-09-2023 ballast weight had been fitted in the tail end of the fuselage and the registration                                                                             has been applied.

                        And on 25-11-2023 it was photographed by John Wagtendonk flying at Rangiora.