Friday 31 August 2018

Sukhoi SU 29(s) of New Zealand

The next type of sport aircraft to be registered in 2007 was another full on aerobatic aircraft - Rob Fry's Sukhoi SU 29 ZK-SUK (c/n 75-01) which was registered here on 23/11/07.  I have previously posted about this aircraft HERE .

In that post I detailed how it was flown under the Russian registration RA-7501 the went to the US for ten years as N229RM before going back to Japan under the Russian registration RA-3358K where it was flown at airshows between 2004 and 2007 by Jurgis Kairys, Svetlana Kapaniana and Rob Fry.

ZK-SUK at North Shore on 26/11/15.

Since I last posted on ZK-SUK it was sold on 12/8/17 to Phillip R Little of Brightwater, and it was cancelled on 18/1/18 as exported.  It has since returned to its old US registration of N229RM on 19/1/18 under the ownership of Souther Field Aviation Inc of Americus, GA.

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