Friday 31 August 2018

More from Hamilton 31-08-2018

 Just a couple of clicks away from Hamilton Airport is the Mystery Creek facility where the Douglas DC-3 ZK-AZL is housed. 
Even with my charm and good looks - this was as close as I was permitted to go without a site induction - the deck just beyond the reception area.
 Over at the Airfield was the Air Tractor AT-502B ZK-MAE c/n 502B-3091.
First flown in the States as N2358P for delivery to Australia where it became VH-FZQ with Field Air at Ballarat on 04-08-2017. 
It was ferried from Ballarat - reaching Hamilton on 26-03-2018 and became ZK-MAE with Super Air at Hamilton on 15-05-2018.
The Stoddard-Hamilton SH-3R Glasiar III ZK-MKP2 c/n 3191 has been listed with BOP Marine Life Trust from 03-04-2015.

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  1. That is one of the disappointing things about AZL. A few years ago they were fundraising for the restoration and they did a fantastic job, but it went back down into mystery creek where no-one ever sees it. Even during Fieldays its hidden behind stallholders. The new covered shelter for it should have been built beside the Hamilton airport car park if they wanted to display it properly to comemomate Ozzie James. very frustrating.