Wednesday 8 August 2018

A Day at Stratford Aerodrome 7-8-2018

I spent most of yesterday at Stratford Aerodrome and while it was quiet there were some interesting aircraft coming and going.

First re-arrange the aircraft to allow work on the Jodel's engine in better light in the Aero Club hangar.  It the back are Sonerai ZK-SND and the Club's Bantam B 22 ZK-FYH.  Still in the hangar are Rans S 10 Sakota ZK-SWJ and the inactive Jodel D 11 ZK-DGV.

Around 9 am the Aerowork guys arrived an pulled Cresco ZK-LTW out of its nice new hangar,  Pilot Mark Tocher taxies out for a few loads off the aerodrome.

And then in the afternoon Peter Vause flew over in his new Trojan, and made an approach and overshoot.  I missed the best shot but got this shot of him clattering away.  Another day at Stratford, another Trojan - as last time I was there Brett Emeny arrived in his Trojan.

As a Trojan aside, Brian Hall's example at Ardmore is coming together well and I was told that will be doing engine runs soon.

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